Kel McQueen – Author & Independent Filmmaker

Kel McQueen, Author & Independent Filmmaker

Kel McQueen, Author & Independent Filmmaker

Kel McQueen is a 23-year old writer and documentary filmmaker, and currently attends Full Sail University. Her passion in life is to inspire people, especially young people like herself. Her goal is to change this world, one project at a time. About a year ago, as her birthday was nearing, the thoughts of her father began to once again cloud her mind as she wondered where he might be today. The views of her own life and how she missed her father, altered a lot of her thoughts about men. She then focused on the world around her and realized that at the time, she did not know any women; including her own mother, grandmother, and close friends that had an actively involved father in their lives. As time passed with extensive research, she was convinced on the importance of having a father figure in a little girl’s life, and how common this problem had become. That’s when she made it her mission to bring awareness to the situation.

Salkis Re – Whimsical Artist & Painter

Profile-SalkisReSalkis Re confesses that she is a 40-year-old girl who was raised in New York City,  but, topped off with  a Caribbean culture and “Up North” swag. She is an artist/painter who loves to make whimsical characters for the little girl within all women. She started out painting as a hobby but it wasn’t until she had plans for writing a relationship book that this painting thing took on a life of it’s own. Her intent was to create characters for each chapter of her book, but when she started fleshing out the paintings, she forgot all about her book! She says, “The art consumed me. Now I paint full time, burning the midnight oil as I put brush to canvas or in this case wood, which is the surface I use for all my paintings. As of now, I only paint  young girls or ladies of color; but, I hope to expand to painting all races of girls.”

Eshe Faizah – The Herb Lady

Herbalist, Organic Master Gardener, Herbal/Nutritional Counselor, Kinesiologist, Author. “I consider myself a channel for people to heal themselves. My work reminds me that when we are given good food & herbs, and as such, our bodies have the power to heal themselves. Our bodies want balance. I’ve been blessed to tactfully combine the wisdom of nature with research and observation.” The implementation of this philosophy has been the foundation that has made Eshe Faizah one of the most well-respected, results-oriented professionals in the holistic health industry. Known internationally as The Herb Lady, Faizah’s ever present connection to her Mississippi Herbalist Aunt & Uncle inspired Faizah’ Legacy Herbal blends, Aunt Henrietta’s Lung Tonic and Uncle Peter’s Azzafizzity Cough Stop, honor those tall-walkers who, to this day, guide her on her healing journey.  Multitalented and exceptionally gifted, Faizah has earned a reputation for excellence and is highly sought after to share her expertise.