Kel McQueen – Author & Independent Filmmaker

Kel McQueen, Author & Independent Filmmaker

Kel McQueen, Author & Independent Filmmaker

Kel McQueen is a 23-year old writer and documentary filmmaker, and currently attends Full Sail University. Her passion in life is to inspire people, especially young people like herself. Her goal is to change this world, one project at a time. About a year ago, as her birthday was nearing, the thoughts of her father began to once again cloud her mind as she wondered where he might be today. The views of her own life and how she missed her father, altered a lot of her thoughts about men. She then focused on the world around her and realized that at the time, she did not know any women; including her own mother, grandmother, and close friends that had an actively involved father in their lives. As time passed with extensive research, she was convinced on the importance of having a father figure in a little girl’s life, and how common this problem had become. That’s when she made it her mission to bring awareness to the situation.


My Father John Doe is a documentary about three women who candidly speak about their lives and how it has affected them due to the absence of their fathers, and how and what they feel about men in general.

Nicole Gallaway is a young woman living in Atlanta who has built up a wall due to the fact that her father was not a strong figure in her life, and when he was around, he was only there for material reasons. After Nicole’s mother married someone other than Nicole’s father, Nicole had a difficult time accepting this other man into her life. Since she had already experienced bad times with her father in the past, she felt the need to put up a defense mechanism against any man that came into her life.

Audria Crenshaw grew up in a household with three sisters, and a hardworking mother while living in New York. Her father was a part of her life until the age of 14, when her parents were separated. From that point on, her contact with her father was slim to none. He had moved on and created a new family with another woman, even though he was still married to Audria’s mother; from whom he never legally divorced. Due to the missing relationship with her father, as she became older and started to date men, she was hoping that these men would fill the hole that her father left vacant and without protection.

Barbra Carrington, on the other hand, did have her father around. He played a huge, loving and positive role in her life. Not only was he a father to Barbra, but he was her friend, and he was a loving husband and family man. Because Barbra’s father treated her like a princess and showed her how to treat a male, and how to be treated by a male, the men in life had to measure up to the same qualities, and she was never searching for love, because she had it all in her life. Barbra and her father remained close, even up to the day that he passed away, and though she misses him, she is thankful for him being the loving father that he was.

The purpose of this documentary is not to bash the male figure, but, to stress the importance of a woman having a positive and influential father in her life, and how effective to the opinion that she will grow up from being a young girl to a woman with as little emotional struggle as possible.

Kel McQueen’s┬áline of motivational videos bring awareness to certain problems that are going on in the world today that reminds the American people that they are great in many ways.

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