Salkis Re – Whimsical Artist & Painter

Profile-SalkisReSalkis Re confesses that she is a 40-year-old girl who was raised in New York City,  but, topped off with  a Caribbean culture and “Up North” swag. She is an artist/painter who loves to make whimsical characters for the little girl within all women. She started out painting as a hobby but it wasn’t until she had plans for writing a relationship book that this painting thing took on a life of it’s own. Her intent was to create characters for each chapter of her book, but when she started fleshing out the paintings, she forgot all about her book! She says, “The art consumed me. Now I paint full time, burning the midnight oil as I put brush to canvas or in this case wood, which is the surface I use for all my paintings. As of now, I only paint  young girls or ladies of color; but, I hope to expand to painting all races of girls.”


Here is a video where Salkis Re explains her two latest pieces of artwork:


The art is colorful, sweet, while  visually representing stories of sisterhood, self-esteem, and love.
Salkis Re says,  “I paint for grown-up girls because I truly feel that there is a part of us that will always be a little girl. I want to give women permission to bring her out and play again!”
You may visit Salkis Re at the following links:

Salkis Re also has a YouTube Channel:

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